5111 Chase Avenue, Downers Grove, IL  - 630.971.0565 - Fax 630-971-9594

Thank you for your interest in becoming a referring agent within our network!

Black Sleek Toe Lace Peep Women's Heels Up Currently limited to specific service providers. See below.

Women's Black Lace Toe Up Sleek Peep Heels We work with professionals in the following areas:

  • Sleek Lace Toe Heels Black Peep Up Women's Domestic Violence / Child Abuse
  • Toe Women's Black Sleek Lace Up Peep Heels ​Veteran Affairs
  • Homeless Shelter Transitioning
  • Teen Pregnancy / Preg. Services
  • Fire / Flood / Disaster Services
  • Black Toe Lace Heels Women's Sleek Up Peep School Social Workers
  • Nurses/HospitalsMTE Pebble Black Leather SK8 Hi Vans 46 xtwIqS4B70

Our program is based on a PER-Agent partnership, not a per-agency partnership.

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We will schedule over 1,400 families this year in our service area.

As we work through each service year, we must always evaluate the flow of furniture and household items that come in as donations. This is balanced against the number of actively referring partner agents and the overall success rate of pickups by scheduled clients. 

Toe Black Sleek Up Women's Heels Peep Lace How Does Our Service Work?

Sharing Connections is located in Downers Grove, Illinois and depends on local donations of furniture and household items that come direct from the community. We work with pre-approved partnering social workers, case managers and counselors (we call them partnering agents) to distribute these items to families in need in the DuPage and surrounding counties. 

How are pre-approved agenTS determined?

Our client program is primarily funded by individual donors within our community and a limited amount of local grantors. It is our priority to use our resources responsibly, on behalf of our donors, and to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding grant requirements. With this in mind, we open our program up to non-profit and social service agents throughout the Chicagoland area that work directly with families in need that meet our requirements. 
To adequately assist the families that are currently referred to our services, Sharing Connections adds new individual referring agents to our network as donation amounts and funding allows. We limit our network to not only comply with grant requirements, but to also help ensure the number of families we serve are balanced with the amount of donated items we receive.  This allows us to offer a balanced amount of open referral spots to each county. Our active agent network is evaluated each year to remove inactive agents so as to allow new inquiring agents the opportunity to join our network. So that we can reach as many families as possible, success rates assist us in expanding our network.

Is this program only available to certain agency types?

Our services are not open to the general public and we do not resell items to the general public - so all the families we serve must come to us through an approved referring agent to ensure they qualify. With this in mind, we do put a priority on agents that directly serve families struggling with domestic violence relocation, natural disaster, fire & flood, teen parents, homelessness transition and veterans. 
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